Disclaimer Statement
Updated: 2020/06/11

Police Warning

Please be alert and beware of being cheated If there are any of the following situations. 

1. The payee suddenly requests to change the collection account during the transaction;

2. The place of receipt provided by the purchaser is inconsistent with the location of the enterprise;

3. In the process of online negotiation, you are required to click the suspicious link or scan the unknown QR code;

4. The buyer requests to cancel the transaction and asks for a refund after providing the picture of remittance voucher.

Special warning:

Please call 110 in time and report to the Police if you find any criminal fraud.

Disclaimer Statement

All Information of exhibitors and products (including but not limited to enterprise names, contact persons of exhibitors, product descriptions and explanations, the relevant graphics and videos etc.) in some columns (such as “Search for Exhibitors and Products” and “Supplier-Purchaser Matching Function”) on the China Import and Export Fair (also called “Canton Fair”) Website (www.cantonfair.org.cn>) and relevant mobile websites (including the web version marked by the uniform resource locater “www.cantonfair.org” and the corresponding optimized version for mobile devices), WeChat public account, mini programs, APPs and other web portals owned, operated, branded or provided by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Canton Fair Websites”), shall be provided by exhibitors at their discretion. Exhibitors shall assume full liabilities for such information they post in accordance with laws and regulations. In order to provide services with high quality, China Foreign Trade Center (Group) (hereinafter referred to as “We”) make great efforts to ensure that the information on the Canton Fair Websites will be authentic and legitimate. However, we will not undertake any liability of whatsoever forms for the accuracy, integrity, legitimacy, authenticity or applicability of the aforementioned information.

We, as well as the Canton Fair Websites, will not assume any liability of whatsoever forms for any business activities in using or providing information to the Canton Fair Websites, any emergency, negligence, dispute thus incurred (including but not limited to defamation, contract disputes, controversies intellectual property right disputes) or loss caused thereby (including infection with any computer virus due to downloading). If any damage or loss to us is caused by any of your action, we reserve every right to take a legal action.

We are exempted form legal liabilities to the extent permitted by laws and regulations for any loss arising out of or in connection with the following reasons:

(1) force majeure, specifically referring to events that cannot be foreseen, overcome or avoided, including but not limited to governmental acts, judicial and administrative orders, natural disasters, wars, strikes and riots;

(2) public service or third-party problems, including power cut or faults in telecommunication networks;

(3) regular or urgent maintenance on equipment and systems, failures of equipment and systems and factors regarding network information and data security, on condition that we have fulfilled obligations of management in good faith.

In no event shall we assume any legal liability for any indirect, consequential, punitive, occasional, or special loss.

The Canton Fair Websites may include hyperlinks directing to external websites as well as third-party applications, software and services. You shall read carefully the terms of use and privacy policies of such external websites, applications, software and services. We do not assume any liability for any issue regarding the authenticity, legality or safety (including data leakage) of any third-party websites, applications, software or services. Any dispute, loss or damage arising out of the foregoing websites, applications, software and services shall be settled by and between you and the third party.

We reserve the right to release, modify, update and give ultimate interpretation to this Disclaimer Statement.

If there exists any discrepancy between the Chinese version and English version of this Disclaimer Statement, the Chinese version shall prevail.