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[Canton Fair Story]Show the Best of Chinese Brands through Innovation, Says Jian Weiming

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During the 124th Canton Fair, products of Chinese manufacturers were highly welcomed. According to Jian Weiming, General Manager of Guangdong Shunhe Industrial Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Shunhe”), Canton Fair offers companies great opportunities to reach overseas buyers. To go global, companies need to step up in product innovation.

“Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, companies get to meet more overseas clients and expand market share with more innovative products”, said Jian.

While Shunhe grows its overseas business along the Belt and Road, the expansion urges the company to develop new products, products that cater to clients in different countries and regions.

How can national brands become stronger internationally? According to Jian, the key is to have good products and earn clients’ recognition. This requires time and concerted efforts by the entire company.

“In terms of product design, we pick the best through rounds of evaluations. We will not produce until we have studied different comments and got approval from our clients. In terms of structure, Shunhe promotes the integration of carts and electrical appliances. We keep enriching our products.”

One of the challenges to export companies is how to make localized design while keeping the products’ advantages.

According to Jian, Shunhe keeps in close touch with overseas clients. Based on local consumers’ behavior, the company adjusts the color and design of handles to offer various choices for clients.

Known as the “barometer” of trade, Canton Fair has a history of 61 years. Standing on the international stage of Canton Fair, China’s manufacturing is becoming “smarter” with better quality. In Jian’s opinion, Canton Fair is conducive to companies’ market expansion, information collection and client communications.

“We have stable cooperation with old clients. Through Canton Fair we can maintain regular communications with them. In the mean time, through new salesmen and new products we get to meet new friends. Canton Fair helps Shunhe progress and achieve win-win with our old and new clients”, said Jian.


Source: MOFCOM Wechat Account, Canton Fair Press Centre, Xinhua Net

Journalist: Chen Junsong, Guan Jinheng, Wang Houqi