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The Canton Fair Ensures Innovation-driven Development

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At the Press Conference for the opening of 122nd session of China import and Export Fair on Oct 14, Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced that we will strengthen IPR protection to ensure innovation-driven development and transformation and upgrading.

Xu said that at the Canton Fair we started to explore IPR protection in 1992. We set up a specialized department for IPR protection and issued Regulations on Dealing with Complaints, Temporary Regulations on IPR Protection, Regulations on Dealing with Complaints of Alleged IPR Infringement in 1999 and revised and improved these regulations on many occasions. We’ve now put in place a relatively complete IPR protection system in line with the Canton Fair’s reality. During the fair, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of PRC, State Intellectual Property Office and other departments will be represented and provide guidance. Overseas chambers of commerce, administrative and law enforcement departments of patent, trademark and copyright in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality send experts to work at Canton Fair’s Complaint Station. According to the relevant rules, the Complaint Station will determine whether the filed companies constitute alleged infringement and may report, hold or remove the involved product from booths, reduce or cancel booth and even cancel the qualification for exhibiting according the extent of the infringement.

Xu said that IPR protection at the Canton Fair has cracked down infringement and safeguarded the order for making transactions, becoming a window for demonstrating IPR protection and innovation encouragement by the government, well received among attendees at home and abroad and in various circles. The State Council issued Action Plan on Intellectual Property Protection in 2004 and asked to summarize and share Canton Fair IPR protection experience among China’s exhibition industry.

Xu mentioned that in the 122nd session we will take various measures to create a brand image of IPR protection, protect innovation spirit of companies and ensure innovation-driven development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Improve rules and regulations. We’ve revised Regulations on Dealing with Complaints of Alleged IPR Infringement, improved provisions, supplemented practice standards and added articles regarding withdrawal by the plaintiff and holding of the products involved in IPR infringement, making the Canton Fair IPR complaint mechanism clearer.

Improve prevention mechanism. We’ve summarized companies and products frequently filed and needing special attention, notified trading delegations and chambers of commerce to examine before the fair, inspected their self-examination, reminded them on a one-to-one base, and reminded exhibitors on the risks of IPR protection through official website and WeChat account to contain infringement.

Enhance branding. Starting from the 122nd session, we will launch a special logo for the Complaint Station and simplify the name of the Station, improve signs and navigation, perfect the environment for dealing with cases, and issue special badges to staff to facilitate right owners to safeguard their rights.

Improve publicity. We will summarize our achievements, experiences and best practices in IPR protection at the Canton Fair, and demonstrate its image as a window of China’s IPR protection.

 (Canton Fair PressCenter)