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Press Release of the Opening of the 119th Session of China Import and Export Fair

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 Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre
(Apr. 14th, 2016, Guangzhou)


Dear friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen,

 Good morning! Welcome to the press conference for the opening of the 119th session of China Import and Export Fair. I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the domestic and foreign media for your support and interest for the development of the Canton Fair.

With intense but orderly preparation, we are ready for the 119th Canton Fair, which will open tomorrow.

Nowadays, faced by the complex and demanding situation at home and abroad as well as the mounting downward pressure, China’s foreign trade still have advantages of comprehensive competence and sustainability. The supporting policy for China’s foreign trade is unchanged; The long-term economic fundamentals remain sound; China still has industrial complementary advantages with developed and developing countries; the driving force for foreign trade structural adjustment is quickly shifting. As the barometer of China’s foreign trade, it is crucial to organize the 119th Canton Fair well for its more remarkable and expected position under such complex circumstances.

The 119th Canton Fair bears the overall landscape of China’s foreign trade development in mind, and actively implements the concept of “innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development”. We are committed to the structural reform of the supply front of foreign trade, following the direction of specialization, marketization, branding, internationalization and informatization on the basis of the stability of the overall exhibition pattern. Driven by expertise and wisdom, the Canton Fair puts effort on improving the management, services, structure and quality of exhibitors and their products to build a “Smart Canton Fair” and a “Green Canton Fair”. By doing so, we hope that we can make new contributions to the steady development and structural adjustment of China’s foreign trade.

Now, I will brief you on the basic facts of the 119th Canton Fair.

1. Exhibition pattern and layout remain stable

The total exhibition area of this session is 1.18 million square meters, and the number of booths is 60,233. There are 24,514 exhibitors from home and abroad.

In this session, there are 59,243 booths and 23,904 exhibitors in the National Pavilion. 16 categories of products will be exhibited in 50 sections. The booth arrangement is as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,318 general booths, taking up 20% and 80% respectively. And the numbers of exhibitors in 3 phases are: 8,563 companies in Phase 1, 7,148 in Phase 2, and 8,193 in Phase 3.

In this session, we will continue to set up the International Pavilion in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 990 booths and 6 product areas; and there are 610 enterprises from 48 countries and regions as well as 11 national and regional trade delegations. We will continue to integrate exhibition in the National Pavilion and the International Pavilion in this session. Exhibitors of the household appliances and household textile sectors from home and abroad will be competing on the same stage.

2.We will carry out the reform of the Canton Fair’s supply front and improve the professional level of exhibition.

By carrying out the reform of the supply front and improving the professional level of the exhibition, we have optimized the quality and structure of the companies and exhibits. The 119th Canton Fair is developed into a more specialized exhibition in the following 3 ways. First, we improve the regulations and procedures of the exhibition management. According to the changes of brand exhibitors, we improve the practicing rules for the booth quantity arrangement. Booth application is available earlier and we release the name list of participating exhibitors one month beforehand. Second, we promote specialized divisions of the exhibits. Based on purchase needs, we have set up 124 divisions in 27 sections, 10 more than last session, among which the bicycle and motorcycle sections will have divisions for the first time. Sections of building materials, hardware, cloths, textiles and garments will be further optimized. Third, we will put more effort on supporting the new subjects. We will perfect the booth arrangement plan for new energy and pet products. In this session, sections of new energy, pet products and outdoor spa facilities have attracted 22 new exhibitors, taking up for 11.5%, and including some domestic enterprises with large sales volume. Exhibitors are more diversified.

We warmly welcome exhibitors from both the developed countries as well as countries along the Belt and Road. There are altogether 374 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, occupying 654 booths and taking up 61% of the exhibitors and 66% of the booths in the International Pavilion. In terms of attracting domestic buyers, we will strengthen the promotion in South China. Moreover, we will hold various forms of match-making activities targeting hot spots of trade in International Pavilion to better the exhibitors’ and buyers’ participating experience.

3. We’ve come up with new ways of promotion and built a precision marketing system

In terms of overseas promotion efforts, we make innovations led by internet application and improve the promotion results by precision marketing.  We have held 15 video conferences in 15 countries and regions. We’ve strengthened promotion in countries along the One Belt One Road by holding 9 video conferences in these countries. We’ve cooperated with Qatar Airways for the first time to explore the market in middle-east and Africa. With Facebook and LinkedIn as the key, we’ve built a social media platform connecting 6 international famous social media, achieving all-round promotion in international social media community. We’ve forged ahead to launch “i-Share” series activities. With the help of “Exhibitor Preview” platform, we’ve promoted online match-making and upgraded the informatization level of Multinationals Sourcing Service.

4. We will enrich the function of Canton Fair and promote industrial communication

During the 119th Canton Fair we will facilitate interaction between exhibitions and conferences, and strengthen industrial communication and brand promotion. In accordance with the government policy, market hot spots and demand, there are in total about 60 conferences and forums held on the topics of international market, industry summit, design and innovation, brand promotion, market trend, and technology research and development, along with a series of events about design exhibit and design match-making.

Canton Fair Design Awards (CF Awards) 2016 is upgraded with new measures. It will set up awards according to 7 product categories for the first time, and it will enrich the composition of the judging panel as well as the subsequent promotional awards. The Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Centre (PDC) will organize a series of events including design match-making, fashion show and design gathering, providing an extended communication platform for the designers and the brand companies. 100 design companies and institutions from 11 countries and regions will attend the 119th Canton Fair, covering an exhibition area of 1,622.25 square meters, an increase compared with the previous session.

5. We will drive the “Canton Fair + Internet” initiative and build a “Smart Canton Fair”

We will continue to build the “Smart Canton Fair” and cultivate Canton Fair’s new competitive advantage in the internet age. First, we will optimize the “Exhibitors and Products List” function and “Highlight Products” column to display brand enterprise in advance and help buyers to acquire information about exhibitors and products. The “Highlight Products” covers all the brand enterprises and leading enterprises of new subjects, with 17,000 exhibits. Second, we will integrate the service functions of Canton Fair official Wechat accounts by setting up groups of official accounts with comprehensive services and wide coverage. Third, the service quality of “Internet Service” is enhanced to build better on-site service center and experience marketing center. Forth, we will perfect the Canton Fair official service system of business travel to provide more comprehensive service including the online booking of air tickets and car rental. Fifth, we will optimize the function of “Easy Exhibitor” and improve the information level of exhibition management and service. Sixth, we expand the functions of online management service platform by adding the service functions of information collection, transmission, audition, feedback, application and statistical review of information. Seventh, we will introduce professional service providers to improve the overseas mail delivery rate. Finally, we promote the construction of the supporting system for “Smart Canton Fair.”

6. We are aimed at protecting the intellectual property rights and constructing an equal trade environment

In this session, a “Notice” will be sent in the Easy Exhibitor platform to exhibitors with alleged infringement records and trade disputes to strengthen their self-correction and avoid infringement. At the same time, we will continue to invite law enforcement officers of IPR and experts of trade disputes arbitration and mediation to handle the complaints.

7. We will boost the green development, and ensure the security of the fair

The 119th Canton Fair will carry out the Green Development Plan of Canton Fair and implement the incentives in order to achieve the coverage of 90% green booths. To enhance the green arrangement of the exhibition and the exhibition effect, we will increase the threshold for the qualification of the enterprises for booth construction, and introduce a batch of enterprises which are good at green design and construction. In this session, we will continue to build green booths along the main aisles and make it 100% coverage in all booths. What’s more, we are striving for the target of overall green booths for brand companies.

In this session, we will put in place the following security measures. The first is to do the risk assessment of epidemic situation, complete the emergency management and report system so as to better deal with the emergencies. The second is to improve the security and protection system of the complex, making sure that the whole complex is monitored through the video surveillance system. The third is to perfect the food security system and strengthen the supervision of the restaurants in the complex, ensuring the food safety of the participants. The fourth is to maintain, reconstruct and update the fire control facilities, laying the solid foundation of the complex safety.

8. We will reduce the cost of the exhibition and enhance the confidence of the exhibitors

Consistent with the spirit of the government policies in support of the stable development and the structural adjustment of the foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) recently announces that the 119th Canton Fair will further reduce the exhibition cost for the enterprises in order to help them explore the international market. The huge reduction on cost is unprecedented. The charge of each booth in National Pavilion has decreased by 4000 Yuan in average, 18% down compared with the 117th session, totally reducing 240 million Yuan on cost for the exhibitors. The charge reduction for each booth in area C is 5550 yuan, and in area A and area B is 3350 yuan. In addition, MOFCOM requires that all departments shall not charge any other fees to exhibitors, and any one violating the rule will be punished and circulated a notice of criticism.


At last, I’d like to brief you the major events in the next few days.

Opening Reception of the 119th Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel in the evening of April 14th.

Chinese Home Appliances and Electronics Summit will be held in the No.8 Meeting Room, B floor, Area B in the afternoon of April 16th.

Canton Fair (Egypt) International Market Forum will be held in the No.8 Meeting Room, B floor, Area B in the afternoon of April 17th.

 The Belt and Road Initiative: Focus on India will be held in the No.2 Meeting Room, C floor, Area B in the afternoon of  April 18th.

Dear friends, to hold the 119th Canton Fair successfully bears great significance in stabilizing growth, transformation and upgrading of China’s foreign trade. We believe that under the leadership of Party Committee of the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, with joint efforts of all the business partners, we will make the 119th Canton Fair a complete success.

Welcome to cover the 119th session of the Canton Fair.

Thank you!