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Press Release of the Opening of the 118th Session of China Import and Export Fair

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Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre
(Oct. 14th, 2015, Guangzhou)

Dear friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning! Welcome to the press conference for the opening of the 118th session of China Import and Export Fair.

After preparing for half a year, we are ready for the 118th Canton Fair, which will open tomorrow.

With the profound adjustment of China’s foreign trade and exhibition industry in face of the economic “New Normal”, Canton Fair, as China’s largest trade promotion platform, will accelerate its steps in reform and innovation and improve the effectiveness of exhibition. It will be pivotal in the transformation and upgrading of China’s foreign trade sector, the cultivation of a new competitive foreign trade advantage, and the China’s transformation from a big trading nation to a strong one. Following the instructions of making progress while maintaining stability and reform and innovation by the Ministry of Commerce, we will enhance the specialization level of the Fair, step up marketing campaign with new measures and optimize information exchange. We will also promote the development of “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair” to make contribution to the steady growth of China’s foreign trade sector.

Now, I will brief you on the basic facts of the 118th Canton Fair.

1. Exhibition pattern and layout remain stable

The total exhibition area of this session is 1.18 million square meters, and the number of booths is 60,228. There are 24,700 exhibitors from home and abroad.

In this session, there are 59,230 booths and 24,096 exhibitors in the National Pavilion. 16 categories of products will be exhibited in 50 sections. The stand arrangement is as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,305 standard booths, taking up 20% and 80% respectively. And the numbers of exhibitors in 3 phases are: 8,626 companies in Phase 1, 7,207 companies in Phase 2, and 8,263 companies in Phase 3.

In this session, we will continue to set up the International Pavilion in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 998 booths, 47 more than the last session; and there are 604 enterprises from 40 countries and regions as well as 12 national and regional trade delegations. We will continue to integrate exhibition in the National Pavilion and the International Pavilion in this session. Exhibitors of the household appliances and household textile sectors from home and abroad will be competing on the same stage.

2. We will optimize the trading platform and forge ahead with specialization

The 118th Canton Fair will basically be a comprehensive exhibition, but we will develop it into a more specialized exhibition in the 3 following aspects. The first is to set up more professional zones. We will establish 114 zones in 25 sections and make the exhibition layout more reasonable. It is the first time for further division for Gardening Products and Lighting Products. The second is to focus our efforts on New Energy, Pet Products and Outdoor Spa to select a series of new and high-quality exhibitors from the market. The third is to strengthen the marketing of brand enterprises. It is the first time that we open up “Highlight Products” application channel and launch “Window of Brands”.

We’ve intensified our efforts in inviting exhibitors in the International Pavilion by ourselves. We’ve partnered with overseas trade promotion facilities and chambers of commerce to invite quality multinational enterprises. It is also the first time that we will introduce the national delegation of Australia. Before this session, we also enhanced our measures in inviting exhibitors in countries along the “One Belt One Road”; there are 353 companies from 28 countries, accounting for 58.44% of the total overseas exhibitors. Besides, we have enhanced invitation to professional domestic buyers and provide individual services. The promotional conferences we held in many provinces have proven to be very productive.

3. We’ve come up with new ways of promotion and adopted a targeted approach

In the promotion efforts for this session, we have responded to the national policy of “One Belt One Road” and stepped up buyer invitation in countries along the Silk Road. Based on the Canton Fair Facebook account, we’ve built a multi-dimensional social media circle for the Canton Fair. The number of Facebook fans has reached 330,000, with the interaction ratio more than 40%. We’ve also optimized targeted marketing and re-marketing of Canton Fair through world famous search engines and focused on some key regions. Also we’ve continued with our video promotion campaign and held 15 video conferences in 15 countries and regions. We will continue to launch “I-Share” series activities. We’ve also worked with China Southern Airlines to provide air tickets discounts via “Out of Africa  Join the Canton Fair” program to attract more buyers.

4. We will enrich the function of Canton Fair and guide enterprises in transformation and upgrading

During the 118th Canton Fair we will continue to integrate forums with the Fair, hold the CF Awards and PDC to enrich the information exchange function of the Canton Fair and better facilitate companies to transform and upgrade.

Canton Fair Design Awards was initiated in 2013 and aimed at setting up examples and spurring innovation. By now, altogether 1209 companies participated in the selection of CF Awards with 1943 applied products. 155 of them won Best of Best Awards, Gold Award, Silver Award and CF Award. It plays a key role in helping companies transform and upgrade and developing new competitive edge in the export market. CF Awards has also gained more market awareness and appreciation from relevant parties. The reviewing process for the 2015 CF Awards has been completed and we have 63 products from 52 companies as winners. The awarding ceremony will be held in the morning of Oct 16.

PDC was officially launched in the 109th Canton Fair and has attracted 617 design companies from 18 countries and regions by far. 100 design companies and institutions from 15 countries will attend the 118th Canton Fair. 10 talent designers are invited to take part in it. The display area is 1593 square meters, increased by 11.67% compared to the last session.

During this session, we will hold more than 60 conferences and forums with themes of smart household appliance trend, “Internet plus” marketing, trade risk management, design innovation and etc. In Phase 3, we will hold China Australia FTA Forum and Trade Matchmaking Event along with “Design to Promote Trade” series activities.

5. We will drive the “Canton Fair + Internet” initiative and build a “Smart Canton Fair”

We will drive the “Canton Fair + Internet” initiative and build a “Smart Canton Fair”. During the 118 Canton Fair, we will create an efficient and smart service system in the following 3 aspects. Firstly we will upgrade mobile application service and launch the official website mobile APP; we will improve the WeChat service account and add information service in “Updates for Exhibitors”. Secondly we will integrate onsite information exchanges and set up “Smart Service Zone—Canton Fair Internet Center”. In this way we can strengthen data mining and behavioral analysis of our clients. We will also launch a dynamic display system of Canton Fair big data and lay a foundation for building the Canton Fair indexes. Thirdly we will upgrade our software and hardware to improve services.

6. We will focus on the details of management to build a green and safe Canton Fair

To complete the 80% green booth target for the 118 Canton Fair, we will slightly raise the target in some of key areas for environmental protection, particularly all booths along the main aisles should be environmentally friendly.

Besides we will put in place some new security guarantee measures. The first is to improve our contingency plan and establish special units to deal with disputes. The second is to improve the management of badges, and to practice 24-hour all-staff badge verification during exhibition preparation and dismantling duration. The third is to set up a multi-dimensional video motoring system covering the whole Complex.

7. We will protect innovation and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights

In this session, a “Notice” will be sent in the Easy Exhibitor platform to exhibitors with alleged infringement records to strengthen their self-correction and avoid infringement. At the same time, we will continue to invite law enforcement officers of IPR and experts of trade disputes arbitration and mediation to handle the complaints.

At last, I’d like to brief you the major events in the next few days.

Opening Reception of the 118th Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel in the evening of October 14th.

2015 CF Awarding Ceremony will be held in the morning of October 16.

China Australia FTA Forum and Trade Matchmaking Event will be held in the afternoon of Nov 2.

Dear friends from the press, to hold the 118th Canton Fair successfully bears great significance in stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, maintaining market share and driving foreign trade development. We believe that under the leadership of Party Committee of the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, with the joint efforts of all colleagues in the foreign trade circle, we will make the 118th Canton Fair a full success.

Welcome to cover the 118th session of the Canton Fair!

Thank you!