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Home Automation | Exhibited on 118th Canton Fair

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Home automation has been the most wide-discussed and most imaginative topic.With the rapid spread of Internet and the booming of Industry 4.0 Era, China has made the integrated campaign and strategy on ‘Internet+’ and ‘MadeinChina2025’, which keeps inspiring many Chinese companies, along with international giants like Apple, Google and Samsung, to explore the upspring home automation market, the blue sea by business sense. Internet corporations such as Alibaba, 360, JD, LETV, Xiaomi and household electric appliances firms such as Haier, Midea and TCL have successively published home automation development strategy in order to seize the head start. Referring to researches, the volume of Chinese home automation market is expected to reach 180 billion yuan in 2018 with appealing prospect.

The approaching 118th Canton Fair, as the most professional electronic products and household electric appliances exhibition standing on a more-than-100 ,000 -square meter-broad platform, unites Haier, Media, GREE, TCL, CHANGHONG, Skyworth, Hisense, Galanz, AUX, NANFU and ECOVACS and those peaking firms in China to demonstrate the up-to-date development of home automation, which would definitely create quite an experience for you.

Intelligentized Refrigerators

Haier would bring the 4D Series French Refrigerator, a intelligentized refrigerator that could detect human movement. As your fingers sweep over the touch area, the LED touch smart display will automatically light up. When you leave, the display will fade out in glass panel and integrate with the complete machine. When your finger touches the holder of the freezing chamber, the door will flick and open automatically. This user-friendly design makes it as a family steward and bring happy experiences to the user.



Smart TV

TCL pursues the excellent combination of super-slim delicate full-metal body and wedge-shaped corners and will exhibit the C1 Super-Slim Curved Smart TV, which is designed with screen on the Golden Ratio of 4000R and present higher levels of visual realness and accuracy of vivid colors to maximize one’s visual satisfaction based on TCL Wide Color Gamut technology. C1 smart TV could work on Android and Linux OS system and demonstrate elegance and the beauty of simplicity.

Smart TV LED65K720UC from Hisense is the combination of Ultra HD(High Dfination) of UHD TV and VIDDA TV technology of Haier. Thus, users could easily navigate around and view uninterrupted content as images slide into the screen. Not only does this integration make it easy to operate the UHD TV, but also enhances the VIDAA consumers’ viewing experience with crystal clear Ultra High-Definition.


Intelligentized Air Conditioner

Haier promotes the brand new concept Air Cube AC, which is the world's first air quality modularization solution, DIY for various usages including indoor purification, humidification, dehumidification, fragrance and temperature. The design is inspired form Rome column and bamboo, mainly composed of 4 independent modules and 8 kinds of grouping in use. The high-wall split of Nebula series have the function of Nano-aqua purification and skin care. Purification, humidification, dehumidification and fragrance module are built in. This design has won the gold prize of Canton Fair Design Awards in 2015.



‘iCongo series’ of CHIGO has created science and technology leading the fashion and gather huge volume of intelligent control models and experts in online cloud optimization system through Cloud Service Center of CHIGO to monitor and optimize the running of the air conditioner. It combines five intelligent cloud sciences and technologies to realize the revolutionary intelligent science and technology breakthrough of the air conditioner so that make your air conditioner always stay at optimal performance and comfortable running status and open intelligent variable frequency iCongo era with one action.


Intelligentized Washing Machines

As everyone knows, the washing machine’s interior and exterior buckets will pile up layer upon layer of black and sticky dirt and breed a lot of bacteria when the machine serves for a long time. Haier has produced initiative self-cleaning washing machine with the world’s maximum capacity(20KG). Applying soft cleaning particles (called smart balls) when the washing machine is working, the water flow will drive the smart balls to move incessantly between the interior and exterior buckets, and then the smart balls will continuously strike, extrude and rub the bucket wall under the WIFI intelligent connection grasping immediate laundry dynamic state.


The intelligentized washing machine produced by WHIRLPOOL CO.,LTD is designed to function additionally via WIFI connection with user’s smart phone to monitor and control the whole washing dynamic status and process. Automatic dose system and innovative Healthy Air Wash are also the eye-catching functions, which ensures degerming through each washing experience.

Intelligentized Robots

Massage Chair of Intelligent Robot designed by Zhejiang Haozhonghao Health Products Co.,Ltd could apply Bluetooth connection to control intelligent mobile terminal equipment. Users could benefit from marvelous designs and functions: automatic massage program update, 3D intelligent manipulator, S curve rail, automatic pressure induction, the release of negative oxygen ions, magnetic therapy, thermotherapy, pneumatic suspension pendulum buttocks, systemic traction, zero, zero gravity space, memory storage and back safety protection and other advanced design.

ECOVACS Robotics Co.,Ltd., the leading brand in home service robot industry, has produced WINBOT 9 with innovative features and advanced technology to quickly deliver sparkling clean windows with the touch of a button. WINBOT 9 can clean framed or frame-less windows of any thickness, and has a proprietary independent driving system named Smart Drive System for fast and thorough cleaning. The 4 stages cleaning system and intelligent cleaning path ensure complete coverage, even in corners. WINBOT 9 is also beautifully designed. It is 2015 Red Dot Award winner, and is nominated 2015 UX Design Awards at IFA show. WINBOT 9 - Leave the window cleaning to WINBOT and enjoy life.

3D Printer

CoLiDo 2.0 from PRINT-RITE UNICORN IMAGE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD OF ZHUHAI is recommended for anyone who is keen on 3D printing especially to the use at education institutions, design agency and home use. This user-friendly allows novices and 3D professionals alike to get their wildest imagination into a full blown reality. Its steady operation delivers a stable and quiet printing experience perfect for the home and workplace. CoLiDo 2.0 has a built-in nozzle cleaning and modular design print head maintenance that guarantee a hassle-free 3D printing experience.

Intelligentized Medical Products

ANDON HEALTH CO.,LTD, domestic leading blood pressure monitor manufacturer, has designed  Bluetooth upper arm blood pressure monitor, which could make connection with other smart electronic devices via Bluetooth 4.0 and works on office or online by integrated App.

Welcome to 118th Canton Fair for purchasing or sightseeing to enjoy the tech feast of intelligentized home automation together. More insights and detailed information about the exhibitors and display products would be online soon. Please keep focusing on 118th Canton Fair. We sincerely look forward to our acquaintance in the golden autumn.