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Press Release of the Opening of the 117th Session of China Import and Export Fair

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Mr. Liu Jianjun, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre
(Apr. 14th, 2015, Guangzhou)

Dear friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning! Welcome to the press conference for the opening of the 117th session of China Import and Export Fair.

After preparing for half a year, we are ready for the 117th Canton Fair, which will open tomorrow.

As a window, epitome and symbol of China's opening up, Canton Fair has played a leading role in the convention and exhibition industry in China. With the profound adjustment of China's foreign trade and exhibition industry in face of the economic "New Normal", Canton Fair will highlight innovation as the driving force and improve the effectiveness of exhibition. It will be pivotal in the transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade and the cultivation of a new competitive foreign trade advantage with technology, brand, quality and service as the core. This is not only the expectation of the central government and people towards the Canton Fair but also the responsibility of the Canton Fair in this era. Over the past 58 years, we have insisted on reform and innovation, constantly taking new measures and making new progress to realize Canton Fair's sustaining prosperity. Following the instructions of the State Council and MOFCOM, we have accelerated reform and innovation and continuously enhance the level of globalization, specialization, branding and information application. During the 117th Canton Fair, we will follow the guidelines of making progress while maintaining stability and reform and innovation. We will spare no effort to enhance the quality and the professional level of the Fair, to step up marketing measures with new measures and optimize information exchange. We will also promote the building of "Smart Canton Fair" and improve exhibition services.

Now, on behalf of the Canton Fair Leading Committee, I will brief you on the preparation of the 117th Canton Fair.

1. Exhibition pattern and layout remain stable

The total exhibition area of this session is 1.18 million square meters, and the number of booths is 60,228. There are 24,713 exhibitors from home and abroad. More than 90 percent of the exhibitors in the 116th session will also attend the 117th Canton Fair.

1.1 Overall situation of the National Pavilion

In this session, there are 59,277 booths and 24,113 exhibitors in the National Pavilion. 16 categories of products will be exhibited in 50 sections. The stand arrangement is as follows: 11,885 brand booths and 47,392 standard booths, taking up 20% and 80% respectively. And the numbers of exhibitors in 3 phases are: 8,629 companies in phase 1, 7,238 companies in phase 2, and 8,246 companies in phase 3.

1.2 Overall situation of the International Pavilion

In this session, we will continue to set up the International Pavilion in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 951 booths, the same as the last session, and there are 600 enterprises from 47 countries and regions forming 13 national and regional trade delegations. We will continue to integrate exhibition in the National Pavilion and the International Pavilion in this session. In Hall 5.2 in Area A during Phase 1 and Hall 15.1 in Area C during Phase 3, exhibitors of the household appliances and household textile sectors from home and abroad will be competing on the same stage. In this way, we can integrate the industry chain and bring domestic and foreign exhibitors together to increase the international participation in the Fair.

2. We will focus our efforts on making the section layout more specialized

2.1 Making the section layout more specialized. In this session we will emphasize 3 aspects. We will improve the section layout by combining Medicines, Health Products and Medical Devices/Disposables/Dressings into Medicines, Health Products and Medical Devices in Phase 3. We will improve the layout of exhibits and increase the number of special zone to 23. We will also pay more attention to the topic of New Energy, Pet Products and Outdoor Spa, and adopt a market-based approach to select better companies.

2.2 We have revised related regulations and improved management. We've issued Regulations on Online Management of Organizing Exhibitors in the National Pavilion to improve efficiency, prevent risks, and promote paperless office. We've also revised Methods for Complaints and Supervision of Product Quality and Trade Dispute in the National Pavilion to standardize contract signing and improve supervision. By these efforts, we hope to create a harmonious and ordered environment.

2.3 We've intensified our efforts in inviting exhibitors in the International Pavilion by ourselves. In this session, we've extended our resources of overseas clients and made more partners. Exhibitors from Germany, Estonia, Japan and Indonesia will participate and the International Pavilion will witness a more global exhibition. We have also adopted marketing method to improve the invitation to professional domestic buyers, provide customized services and increase the number of quality domestic buyers.

3. We've come up with new ways of promotion and adopted market-oriented approaches.

In the promotion efforts for this session, we have responded to the national policy of "One Belt One Road" and stepped up buyer invitation in countries along the Silk Road. We've used modern information technology to hold video promotion conferences in the global market. In the 16 video promotion conferences held in 15 countries, we've invited the participation of 1,120 new and regular buyers together with 64 media agencies. We've also changed the way of buyer invitation and promoted digital invitation; strengthened "I-Share" program and improved incentive measures. Besides we've optimized the mix of our advertisement and given full play to new media and information applications. We've increased our investment on Facebook, search engines and advertorials, enhanced the influence of MREP and mobile terminal marketing, and adopted a cloud data KPI evaluation. In this way we have combined advertisement investment with new buyer registration and realized targeted promotion in key regions. It is also the first time that we worked with Emirates Airlines and launched "New Experience of Silk Road—Direct Flight with Emirates Airlines to the Canton Fair". This program has reduced the travel cost of buyers and encouraged more buyers to attend the Fair. We've enlarged VIP Lounge and upgraded the service facilities in VIP Lounges. We will provide individual services to our VIPs and improve the satisfaction degree of loyal buyers so as to attract more clients by services.

As the global economic situation is still complicated, based on our preliminary analysis, it is estimated that the overseas buyer attendance of this session will decline slightly, close to the level of the previous session.

4. We will enrich the Fair and improve information exchange

During the 117th Canton Fair we will continue to integrate forums with the Fair, hold the CF Awards and PDC to enrich the information exchange function of the Canton Fair and better facilitate companies to transform and upgrade.

After a successful initiation in 2013, the Canton Fair Design Awards has played a positive role in leading enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading, promoted the cultivation of new competitive advantages of the export sector, and gained more market attention and favorable comments. The 2015 CF Awards will focus on innovation and enriching brand connotation. Free new product launch, brand assessment award, overseas promotion, and many measures will be added to the incentive program. The new product collection started in October 15th last year. Nearly 400 enterprises with about 600 products have applied for preliminary assessment. The final results will be announced in the 118th Canton Fair.

PDC was officially launched in the 109th Canton Fair and has attracted 500 design companies from 15 countries and regions by far. The net area of the design show is 7,148 square meters in this session. The number of theme activities reached 255, and 18,375 intention cooperation have been achieved. To further explore the premium design resources, workstation promotion mode has been used. Now, 8 promotion workstations have been set up at home and abroad. "PDC Design Union" will be founded during the Canton Fair so as to broaden the popularity of PDC. 102 design companies and institutions from 10 countries will attend the 117th Canton Fair. 8 talent designers are invited to take part in it. The display area is 1426.5 square meters, increased by 13.21% compared to the last session and the display will open in Phase 3.

Apart from the original forums of international market, design innovation, technology research and development, fashion trend, and brand marketing, "Household Appliances and Electronic Summit: Brand and Innovation" will be held for the first time to bring forward professional, authoritative and high-quality industrial information. In addition, the forum of international market will be in line with the "One Belt One Road" strategy and choose India as the theme. 

5. We will drive innovation and forge "Smart Canton Fair"

In this session of the Canton Fair we will make use of a combination of information applications, to build "Smart Canton Fair" through promotion, exhibitor organization, e-commerce and onsite services. Firstly, we will continue to hold video promotion conferences; the video promotion in Egypt was broadcast live on Facebook and achieved good promotion results. Secondly, we've developed Online System for Operation of the International Pavilion and Evaluation System for Brand Section to improve efficiency. Thirdly, we will improve the capacity of Canton Fair E-commerce Platform. We'll also launch the New Product Centre to introduce new products, technology, and design to global buyers in a timely and efficient manner. Fourthly, we will launch a platform of comprehensive business for the Canton Fair buyers so that business model can be shifted from company-based service to individual-based service. Fifthly, we've improved the official website of Canton Fair to provide latest information of the Fair to buyers in various ways. Sixthly, we have extended the online rent function on Easy Exhibitor platform and added 11 online service items; online rent service will also be available on Wechat account and location navigation service will also be provided. Seventhly, we have improved the wifi services inside the Complex to provide free wifi for buyers in all 3 phases; exhibitors and buyers may also choose paid services with 3G/4G network or cable wifi.

6. We will focus on the details of management to provide first-class green services

We will continue to improve the quality of outsourced services, the efficiency of onsite services, environment and security supervision so as to improve all the onsite services with better condition.

6.1 Drive the Canton Fair Green Development Plan. We will enhance publicity and adopt incentive measures to encourage stand dismantling in a green way; and we will focus on the quality instead of time. It is our goal to make 70% of the booths green. It is also the first time that in this session all the booths on the Pearl Promenade will be environmentally friendly booths.

6.2 Pay great attention to the prevention and control of Ebola. According to requirements of the State Council, we will strengthen the communication with relevant departments of municipal and provincial governments, work with public health and disease control units, improve disease prevention and control solutions and emergency plans, and pay attention to staffing, material purchasing and information flow to prevent public health problems.

6.3 Intensify security measures. We have put in more efforts to build the security management system. We've identified danger sources and environmental factors inside the Complex and issued risk prevention and control measures. We've enhanced management of badge and cutting tools. Nearly 20 million RMB Yuan has been invested on upgrading of security systems and security check facilities. We've also strengthened the test of Internet devices and databases and onsite supervision to make sure the devices can operate securely.

7. We will protect innovation and strengthen the protection of intellectual property right

In this session, a "Notice" will be sent in the Easy Exhibitor platform to exhibitors with alleged infringement records to strengthen their self-correction and avoid infringement. At the same time, we will continue to invite law enforcement officers of IPR and experts of trade disputes arbitration and mediation to handle the complaints. The complaint reception office has modified and improved its business management system according to the new Methods for Monitoring Complaints so as to provide technology support for the removal of the key monitoring of related corporations. And intermediaries will continue to be provided with Agent Badge.

At last, I'd like to briefly introduce the major events in the next few days.

Opening Reception of the 117th Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel in the evening of October 14th.

Home Appliances and Electronics Summit: Brand and Innovation Forum will be held in the afternoon of April 16th in No.8 meeting room, Area B.

Canton Fair (India) International Market Forum will be held in the afternoon of April 17th in No.8 meeting room, Area B.

The exchange meeting between International Pavilion of Canton Fair and Guangdong Free Trade Area will be held in the afternoon of May 1st in No.2 meeting room, Area B.

Dear friends from the press, to hold the 117th Canton Fair successfully bears great significance in stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, and realizing the expected target of foreign trade development of this year. We firmly believe that under the leadership of Party Committee of MOFCOM and the People's Government of Guangdong Province, with the joint efforts of all colleagues in the foreign trade circle, we will make the 117th Canton Fair a full success.

Welcome to cover the 117th session of the Canton Fair!

Thank you!