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Press Release of the Concluding Press Conference of 116th Session of the Canton Fair

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Liu Jianjun, Spokesperson of the Canton Fair and the Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre

Nov. 4th 2014

Friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen:

Good afternoon! Welcome to the concluding press conference of the 116th session of the Canton Fair.

The 116th Canton Fair is closing this afternoon. Guided by the policy of “keep the momentum and make progress, forge ahead and spur innovation”, the 116th Canton Fair has made innovations on exhibition topics, Fair promotion, information exchange and Fair services to make the Fair a more specialized and information-oriented one with global influence. We’ve improved the exhibition effects, and provided assistance to exhibitors in their global business expansion to develop their new competitive edges and solidify traditional advantages.

With the attention and leadership from the party committee of the Ministry of Commerce, the support of provincial and municipal governments and other relevant agencies, and the concerted efforts of our staff, the 116th Canton Fair went on smoothly and we reached our goals.

Now I would like to conclude to you the general situation of this session.

1. Slight decrease of buyer attendance

186,104 overseas buyers from 211 countries and regions around the world attended the 116th Canton Fair, a decrease of 1.07% over the 115th session.

In terms of buyer attendance of all continents, Asia takes up 54.94% of the total, Europe 19.88%, America 13.89%, Africa with 8.08% share, and Oceania with 3.21% share respectively.

Compared with the last session, the number of buyers from Europe increased by 14.4%, Asia decreased by 1.98%, America decreased by 6.42%, Oceania down by 6.66%, and Africa down by 13.77%.

Buyer attendance of the top 20 countries and regions accounted for 63.75% of the total, 1.61 percentage points higher than the previous session. The top 10 countries and regions with the most buyers are Hong Kong SAR, the United States, Russia, India, Taiwan Province, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

Buyer attendance from China’s top ten trading partner countries and regions in 2013 accounted for 62.71% of the total, 3.31 percentage points higher than the previous session.

Altogether 1,329 international chain companies attended the Fair, down by 8.29% compared with the 115th session. 3,182 representatives from these companies attended the Fair, down by 6.16% compared with the 115th session. 102 out of the top  250 Global Retailers in 2013 attended the Fair. Among them there were 5 of the top 10 retailers: Wal-mart, Tesco, Carrefour, Home Depot, and Target.

Among regular buyers, 51,292 attended the Fair for over 10 times, down by 0.36% over the 115th session; for over 15 times there were 33,292, up by 2% over the last session.

In terms of proportion of buyers procuring certain kinds of products to the total number, the top 5 are: buyers procuring electronics and household electrical appliances accounted for 40.89% of the total, daily consumer goods 28.85%, home decorations 28.09%, gifts 27.06%, and textiles and garments 24.20%. The proportions are roughly the same as the last session.   

Buyers that attended more than 1 phase accounted for 15.41% of the total, down by 0.76% over the last session. The number of buyers that attended Phase 1 and Phase 2 accounted for 6.6% of the total, that attended Phase 2 and Phase 3 accounted for 4.21%, that attended Phase 1 and Phase 3 accounted for 1.5%, and that attended all 3 phases accounted for 3.1%.   

2. The traditional markets face weak recovery while emerging markets’ demand is limited. Chinese companies pay more attention to cultivating new advantages in foreign trade.

The accumulated export transaction of this session totaled 179.203 billion RMB (or 29.16 billion US dollars), a decrease of 6.1% over the 114th session (fluctuation of exchange rate has been deducted, similarly hereinafter). The transaction with the EU, the US, BRICK countries, Middle East, and Japan was down from 4% to 19%, but the transaction with ASEAN countries, South Korea and Hong Kong SAR was up. Short-term orders within 3 months took up 47.5% of the total; mid-term orders of 3 to 6 months 35.6% of the total; and long-term orders 16.9% of the total.

The International Pavilion attracted many elite global enterprises. 551 enterprises from 45 countries and regions exhibited their products. A new model was successfully implemented to integrate International and National Pavilions. We arranged overseas exhibitors to exhibit Household Electrical Appliances in Phase 1, and overseas exhibitors to exhibit Home Textiles in Phase 3 together with their Chinese counterparts. This was widely recognized by domestic and overseas exhibitors. In this way, industrial upstream and downstream could achieve common development, and domestic and overseas enterprises in the same industry could better interact with each other, which made the Fair more internationalized and attract more professional buyers.

Newly set-up exhibition sections won wide recognition. According to market demand, the 116th Canton Fair adjusted exhibition sections and added sections of new energy and pet products. The exhibition worked out fine, with increased average number of buyers visiting each stand. In new sections, the exhibits with same categories were arranged together, and buyers’ procurement efficiency was improved because of precise match-making. The successful launch of new topics helped the Canton Fair to improve its exhibition quality and specialization.

3. Canton Fair’s premium information services were popular

2014 CF Awards selection was finished on October 16th. The 50-member jury composed of domestic and overseas designing experts, overseas buyer representatives, designing directors of brand companies, representatives of chambers and associations selected 55 products and for the first time gave the award of “Best of the Best”. The CF Award realized the Canton Fair’s features that design and market value were combined.

 “Design Events to Promote Trade” series activities were very popular among exhibitors from home and abroad, design companies and global buyers. 17,630 companies took an active part in the design events as an opportunity to development their competitive edge. During this session, the space of Canton Fair PDC totaled 1,260 square meters, up by 16% over the 114th session. 89 design institutes from 12 countries and regions participated in the design display. 12,871 companies’ representatives visited the design stands, among which 4,498 representatives had the intention to cooperate. The 116th Canton Fair held 10 thematic forums and 3 targeted design match-making activities as well as 33 “Design Talks” events. The Canton Fair, for the first time, cooperated with chambers and associations to organize industry’s match-makings with enriched topics and innovated forms, so the quality and quantity of activities were prominently improved.

4. The Plan of Canton Fair Green Development was implemented well

   In this session, we implemented the Green Development Plan on a full scale to promote low carbon and environmental protection in the Fair. The number of green stands in this session totaled 39,939, accounting for 66.08% of the total and up by 15% over the last session, which exceeded the target of 60%. Exhibitors were active in participating in the selection of green custom-built stands, with 2,086 exhibitors signed in (168% increase over the 115th session) and 208 stands winning the title of “Green Custom Built Stands”. (The green stands of Phase 3 were included in the above figures. As we haven’t completed dismantling all the stands in Phase 3, the final precise data will be publicized after all stands dismantled.) The Green Development Plan follows the trend of China’s national policy and world’s exhibition industry, and plays a key role for the upgrading and sustainable development of Canton Fair. The amount of waste planking and pollutants in Phase 1 and Phase 2 was down by 2.1% and 7.6% over the 115th session. The pace of stand dismantling has been quickened and efficiency improved.

5. The awareness of IPR protection of all parties was enhanced

In this session, the Canton Fair Complaint Station handled 526 IPR cases, with 626 exhibitors filed and 330 determined as constituting alleged infringement. Compared with the previous session, the number of cases handled increased by 7.79%, the number of filed enterprises decreased by 5.58%, and the number of alleged infringement was up by 10%. The Station also dealt with 46 trade disputes, down by 28% over the last session. The 116th Canton Fair continued to implement the system of IPR complaints agency. 31 agencies applied for the Agency Badge and filed 204 complaints.    

6. Service of Canton Fair E-Commerce Platform was upgraded

In this session, the Canton Fair e-commerce platform launched “presale experience member” program, which increased the supplier member by 4,000. It held a match-making for global buyers in the machinery industry, and organized supplier members to participate Wal-Mart’s Day, helping off-line supplier meet buyers. Canton Fair E-commerce Corporation worked with Microsoft, the software tycoon, to launch Skype cooperation plan, which enabled exhibitors and buyers to experience a new on-line mode of trade communication. Compared with the last session, the key figures of buyers and suppliers for the Canton Fair e-commerce platform showed obvious increase. The number of suppliers replying buyers’ enquiries increased by 92%, and the number of buyers’ responses increased by 200%.

7. Highlights in on-site services

This session of Canton Fair started an integrated management system to make our services more standard, professional and delicate. The Canton Fair enhanced the registration efficiency, managed staff more efficiently, and improved the exhibition order. With information means and enriched service contents, it realized on-line tracking for rental services. This session set up easy passes for VIP exhibitors, optimized the inquiry system of exhibits, and perfected functions of Canton Fair’s wechat. Moreover, it enhanced publicity of the catering guiding system and increased food categories, so as to further improve quality of catering service.

The Canton Fair Call Centre had 30 seats in this session, providing an all-day staff and automatic answering service in Chinese, English, Spanish, French and Russian. Through the hotline 4000-888-999, email, fax, and on-line customer service, we received 44,127 cases of inquiry and business, contacted customers in 32,000 cases (a remarkable increase of 38.55%), and handled 949 cases from end to end.

The 116th Canton Fair was greatly supported by the provincial and municipal governments, the relevant commerce departments and the armed police force. The attending media from home and abroad gave comprehensive, objective and in-depth reports on efforts of exhibitors to promote innovation, build brands, develop new competitive edge based on technology, brand, quality and services, and contribute to “stable growth, restructuring and transformation”. On behalf of the News Centre of the Canton Fair, I would like to express our sincere thanks for your hard work!

Thank you.