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Guangzhou Great Gold Company Ltd. is a company with strong background, full of social love and with good social resources. The company is active to ponder and brave to take action. The main business of this company is the management as agent of international chain brand name franchise.

In 2007, Guangzhou Great Gold Company Ltd. successfully joint Papa John's as its agent, and Papa John's is one of the most large sized Pizza brand names. Under the hard working of the team members of this company, Papa John's shops are established in Yum Restaurant, Grand View Restaurant, Edinburgh Restaurant, Longkouxi Restaurant, and Information Port Restaurant, Tianhebei Restaurant, creating the stable development and upgrading situation in Guangzhou of the brand name Papa John's. From 2008, Guangzhou Great Gold Trading Company Ltd. has successfully been one of the service suppliers in food and beverage to Canton Fair, with good reputations from the guests both from domestic units or from foreign companies, establishing its social image as a good enterprise. In November, 2010, the own brand name of this company, "Soup Casa" creamy soup restaurant was successfully opened in Guangzhou Information Port. The "Soup Casa" originated from Italy is famous of its western style creamy soup. The management idea of "bringing more nutritious and healthy food to our clients" will surely provide perfect enjoyment to the consumers in the tastes and in their minds.

As an agent, Great Gold Company Ltd. will keep developing all the new products and new items which are in line with international trends, bringing them into China as the international quality chain brand name culture, to provide diversified modern life styles to the Chinese people.
Hall 7
Floor -1
Area A
No.6 Canteen Floor A
Area C
No.4 yellow zone fastfood area
Floor A
Area B

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