To adapt to the ever-changing environment at home and abroad, we, at the Canton Fair, have introduced new ideas and adopted a market-oriented approach in business promotion. We aim at making a better use of information technology and creating our own brand in promotion. In 2014, we launched a global internet promotion campaign, with the support from our overseas partners hosting real time video promotion. This has largely increased the efficiency of marketing.

In order to further explore overseas market, we will focus our attention on countries along “The Belt and Road”, exert our efforts to explore new market. Together with U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia, Russian-Asian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs, Brazil China Chamber of Commerce, Peruvian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, China Chambe of Commerce & Technology Mexico and Saudi-Chinese Business Council e.t.c, we will present video promotion events in 17 new markets in 15 countries before April, 2017. For any inquiry, please contact at


The 121st Canton Fair Internet Promotion Campaign

No. Country City
1 Brazil Belo Horizonte
2 Brazil Curitiba
3 Mexico Guadalajara
4 Peru San Martin 
5 USA Atlanta
6 Australia Perth
7 Austria linz
8 Denmark Copenhagen
9 Belarus Minsk
10 Uzbekistan Namangan
11 Azerbaijan Baku
12 Ukraine Lviv
13 Tanzania Dar es Salaam
14 India Vadodara
15 India Hubli
16 Lebanon Tripoli
17 Saudi Arabia  Riyadh

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