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118 canton fair new invented patent automatic incense burner
Date: Sep. 22,2015

Name of commodity: full-automatic incense burner (Model No.:HD001)

Description: Newly invented patent product. Powered by the lithium battery, and charged by USB interface. It is auto controlled by IC, and uses the ceramic to heating which can replace the traditional ways of heating. It is environmental conservation, safe, aesthetic and easy to use.

Usage: It used for igniting all kinds of spices and perfumes. It can also used for gift-giving.


1.Open the battery cover at the bottom and connect the battery line.

2.connect the USB cable with one end to the burner and another to the USB port of the power charger, and the indicator light keeps flashing. When charging is completed, the light is on.

3.Press the switch for the first time, the indicator lamp light up, the burner begin to work, after 6mins it will automatically off. For the second time, the indicator light will be turned off and the burner stops working.

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