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118 Canton fair new invented patent alluminum shisha electronic smokepan
Date: Sep. 22,2015

we are the only manufacturer making Electronic Shisha Smokepan till now in the world. It adopts High-tech heating technology,overall ceramic structure.Low voltage control power supply,high efficiency and saving energy, green environmental protection,The service life will be up to more than 1,0000 hours. What’s more,it can be used with all different kinds of traditional shisha hookah,also can burn various shisha tobaccos, large amount of smoke,which could be adjustabled as you wish.


Brand Name: Hady.

Certifications:CE, RoHS

Invention patent NO:2011104


1. It adopts new high-tech heat conduction technology, low-voltage DC power supply, overall high-density ceramic structure, stable performance, the heating temperature is the same as charcoal.

2.Smokeless, no toxic, odorless, no ash, no sparks and safety for human.

3.High efficiency and energy saving, environmental-protection, long time and low cost for use, beautiful shape and convenient transport.

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