IndustryStock is a global platform for industrial companies, developed by Deutsche Medien Verlag GmbH.The goal - which IndustryStock has pursued since its founding in 2003 - is topromote the industry worldwide through improved sales and communication channels. And making „matching“ easier between searching partners. specialises in industrial companies - and it is also the only industry B2B website from Germany that speaks Chinese. The goal of the platform is to open up new markets for sellers and to show new suppliers to buyers. IndustryStock has the largest database with more than 100,000 industrial search terms in 16 languages - toeliminate the export obstacle “language barriers” and thus to simplify the exchange of information between industrial enterprises – with regard to the subject of the networked industry (Industry 4.0).

In addition to the core services of the platform - connect Business, provides a comprehensive database of events and exhibitions, news and technical articles, as well as various B2B communication possibilities (marketing tools). statistic:

• 38.6 Mio. page impressions last12 month
(04/01/2016 - 03/31/2017) –> 75% (29 Mio.) from europe

• more than 3.2 Mio. products inthe data base

• every 3.5 second a new user(more than 9 Mio. last year)


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Introduction of CANTON FAIR MREP

Now, Canton Fair is engaged with discussion with international organizations on MREP.
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